Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The New Blogger Rebbe

With great sadness I announce that the freidicker(previous) Blogger Rebbe is no more.

Therefore with much humility and self-praise,I hereby announce that I AM THE NEW BLOGGER REBBE!

The previous Blogger Rebbe's blog is not cold yet,and his keyboard is not even put away,but I am in a rush to annoint myself the Blogger Rebbe.The world of blogs can not exist without a rebbe.

The previous Rebbe did not leave a tzavoah,so I hereby declare the following:
1-I made up my own tzavoah and put myself in it.

2-I made my own Hachtorah(crowning) party and invited a bunch of weirdos to sway,sing & dance.

3-Everyone at the tisch had to eat from my germs with their hands and trample on at least five people,if not ,they risk confiscation of their chandeliers.

4-All my Chassidim must take a polygraph test-If they did NOT commit a crime,they must leave my group at once.

5-All my followers must besmirch every other blogger,and claim that I am the greatest blogger that ever lived and will ever live.


Babooners Of Boro Park

Just when I think I am going to get a rest,along comes the filthiest scandal of the year committed by a whole group of people.

The Vilna Gaon said "chassidism is not Judaism",what more proof do we need than to watch these Babooners violate practically every halacha in the book?

To add insult to injury,these guys are running a contest,who can put up the LEAST qualified candidate.

We all remember when a whole bunch of these LIFNAI M'SHURAS HADINNIKERS went to jail for laundering drug money through Mosdos Baboon.

Then we all remember a whole bunch of other guys that pleaded guilty to stealing government money.
Let us not forget the fire of the financial records.

Now we watch this group of thieves & ignoramuses looking to the secular courts for their perceived justice.

It's a good thing they did not bring the judge a shtreimel and some germs from the last tisch(actually tischen,more than one tisch by more than one rebbe.)

Maybe it's not so bad,we get two comedy shows within a few blocks from each other.

I just thought of a way for them to raise some more money for the purchase of new chandeliers for every clown that attends their rebbe's tisch.They should contact Hollywood,and have a new show created based on true crimes called "NAME THAT CROOK".

I can hardly wait to see what happens when the real estate goes up for public auction,than we will get a good up front seat for the most violent movie of our time.

GOT REBBE?.........

Friday, May 20, 2005

Trial By Bloggers

A rabbi has been accused of a serious immoral and illegal act.

He will be ruined for life and his family will be forever in shame.

The rabbis and the organization that dismissed him claims they can de facto destroy this man and his family without a formal hearing,where both sides of the dispute can testify,bring witnesses and conduct cross-examination.

What gives guys?
Have you lost your minds?
Would any one of you think that this was ok if this happened to you or your family members?

Why has the accused rabbi not called the organization and their rabbis' to a bais din?
These accusations have been around a long time,how come you have not taken aggressive action to defend yourself,BEFORE they dismissed you?

What in the world are you thinking?

Why not Bais Din?Can you both not find three trustworthy dayanim anywhere in the world?
Would you rather let Judaism be dragged through this muck?
Don't give me excuses of proceedural correctness.
Don't you see you are destroying the institution of bais din?

Look at your Hassidic brothers in Boro Park.They are fighting in secular court over the right to be a "Rebbe".They are a pathetic bunch.Money,power,real estate... has EVERYTHING to do with these hoodlums' Judaism.Are there no genuine religious Jews anymore?Do you want to emulate these gangsters?Many members of this group have been in jail for laundering drug money through the organization's bank accounts.

Orthodox Judaism is in a sorry state as it is.The" Right Frum"(Fil Rishus Vainig Mitzvos-an acronym in Yiddish, according to the Kotzker Rebbe)are eating away at the essence of Yiddishkeit with their ridiculous behavior and their phony proclamations.

Now,The moderate rabbis are behaving like spoiled kids.
Give the man his hearing.If he is guilty as you say he is,you will be able to prove it,and end the controversy surrounding your collective behavior.

And you,the accused,IF you are found guilty,let the wrath of G-D befall you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Thief Who Calls Himself RABBI

Last week a person whose title is rabbi,confessed to stealing twenty million dollars of insurance premiums.

Now this abomination needed alot of time and planning to create this scam.
This was not a one shot deal.This was a hundred bucks here and two hundred bucks there.

At some point before he got caught, you would think he had plenty of time to do think about what he was doing and do teshuva.
Not this miserable human being.Why am I so upset?There are plenty of thieves walking around.
This creep woke up every day for possibly twenty years or more,went to shul,put on tefillin,wrapping himself in G-D's words and then goes off to a full time job in thievery.

He is 79 years old!Did he not believe he was shortly going to meet his Maker?Did he believe in a Creator that he was going to have to answer to?

Here is where I lose it!
He could not have believed in G-D!

All these clergymen who are in violation of the Ten Commandments,do not believe in G-D!
Therefore,any clergyman found guilty of any violation of the Aseres Hadibros,no matter how trivial they feel it may be,should be banned for life from any position in the clergy.

They can do teshuva,but they should NEVER be permitted to any position in the rabbinate.
This includes all the thieves(stealing from the government is stealing)woman molesters,child molesters,or any abuse of their positions in any way,shape or form.

Communal leaders who are writing to the judge for leniency,should be ashamed of themselves.
This" rabbi" spent millions on homes,yachts,nightclubs and gambling in Las Vegas.
He deserves to rot in jail for disgracing the rabbinate and Judaism.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Importance of Awareness

I would like my readers to know about The Awareness Center.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Religion Of Holocaust Museums

Alas,a new branch of Judaism is upon us,Museum Judaism.

I know ALL the answers....the money being raised would not be able to be raised without magnificent structures etc.is one of the many responses.

What exactly is the purpose of building another museum for two hundred sixty five million dollars in Jerusalem?

Do people protest in the streets for another museum?
Were foreign dignitaries not satisfied with the ambiance of Yad Vashem?

Just because the money can be raised,that does not mean we should raise it for another museum...unless someone is looking to expand his business.

Holocaust museums have been making big money,and the executives (owners)and their families are milking many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from them. (one source tells me it could be close to a million dollars annually for one family)

These executives claim they could make these huge salaries at any large business.

These self proclaimed rabbis and moralists have decided it is ok to pay themselves these huge salaries,when as rabbis they would starve to death.

It reminds me of another "rabbi" who raised money and built an empire of real-estate...it's called the Kabbalah Center.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Beth Din & the Judges – Part Two

We traveled to the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, N.Y. for the scheduled meeting with the Beth Din.

We were let in to a small foyer that connected to a dining room.When we entered the three rabbis were engaged in conversation that one of them obviously found amusing.

My father immediately asked where the other dayan(judge) was,since one of the rabbis was the defendant.

The man in the middle motioned us to the chairs in front of them.

Again my father asked where the third judge was.

The defendant spoke.He said that there was no reason to have a din torah,and that the matter can be settled if all were reasonable enough to reach a compromise.

He nodded to the other rabbis and said that they were here to make certain a reasonable settlement would be made.

My father spoke.
He faced the defendant and said”I am going to give you fifteen minutes to come up with the fifty thousand dollars you owe,if not the police will be called”.

He tried to respond to my father.
My father motioned to me & Zeidy to stand.

We headed for the door,when one of the men literally JUMPED to his feet and said “the money will be here in fifteen minutes”.

We went back to the table.I knew people were afraid of Dad,I did not realize how much.
Some seconds later,the defendant and one of the other men left the dining room and returned with a shopping bag of money.

The hundred dollar bills were stacked neatly in one thousand dollar bundles.
There were fifty stacks.
Dad picked up a few of the stacks at random to check them.
The money was returned to the bag.
We stood up.

My father said clearly-“all of you deserve to be in jail, and if I ever hear of anything like this again,there would be serious consequences.

Those thieves are all dead,but their shtiblach and their legacy of hypocrisy lives on by their heirs.